Our Covid Response

Dear residents of Sawbridgeworth,

On Monday, when the latest lockdown was announced, it became clear that Churches were to be allowed to remain open and communal worship could continue. We, as local Christians, welcome this decision but it has left us to make the choice as to whether we remain open, or like others, decide to close.

 After much thought and consideration, we feel that the best option that enables us to live out our faith, stand in solidarity with local businesses and support those who are struggling, is to parallel the approach schools are taking.

 So, even though Churches are very safe environments, and we are legally allowed to meet, we have decided that we will only offer a face-to-face Sunday service to those who are finding life particularly tough at the moment.

 The majority of our congregation have been asked to stay at home and worship via our livestream (SEC Church on YouTube) so ensuring no unnecessary risks are taken. This leaves our 10:30am "in person" service open to any who are struggling emotionally or spiritually.
I would like to invite any of you in the community who are struggling or feeling lonely to attend if you are safe and able to.

 We believe that this is the best option for us: it ensures that the majority of our church community remain safe, that we stand with local groups under the current restrictions and allows us to care for people as well.

As a local church, we want to assure you of our prayers and love for this amazing town and our determination to do all we can to help anyone we can.

 God Bless

 Gary and all at SECC.